Wisconsin 128 Trustee Services

Mr. Martin is appointed by Courts across the State of Wisconsin to administer plans under the Courts’ supervision.   As Trustee, he performs a broad range of duties.  At the onset, upon appointment, he performs the following tasks:

  • Notifies the debtor of his appointment
  • Sets up plan payments either from the debtor directly, or with the debtor’s employer
  • Notifies creditors of the consolidation petition
  • Invites creditors to file claims
  • Conducts meetings between petitioners and their creditors, when requested
  • Reviews claims
  • Mediates claim disputes
  • Drafts and submits for court approval a plan to pay the claims in full over not more than three years.

When the Court confirms a plan, Mr. Martin performs the following additional tasks:

  • Makes payments to creditors, usually every three months, or monthly, if requested.
  • Maintains a status report that is available upon request anytime.

When the plan completes, Mr. Martin submits a final report to the court with a proposed final Order that deems the debts that are paid through the plan as paid in full.  When the Court issues the final Order, Mr. Martin notifies all parties and the case is closed.  A final accounting is retained for future reference.

As trustee, Mr. Martin is paid an administrative fee from the funds paid into the plan.