Wisconsin 128 Trustee Services

Mont L. Martin, Trustee

Appointed by Courts across the State of Wisconsin to administer plans under the Courts’ supervision, Trustee Martin performs a broad range of duties to ensure that debts are successfully paid. 

When You Contact Us

If you are a debtor, when you contact us, we will size up your situation and either refer you to an experienced attorney in your area to help you start your case, or provide you with the instructions and forms to file a case on your own, whichever you prefer.  People really appreciate the courtesy of our staff and most ask for a referral to an attorney. 

If you are a debtor's attorney, when you contact us, we will help you with whatever assistance you need to start a case for a client and see the case through to completion.  Generally, once a case is filed, the attorney need only monitor the case, while we do all the work.  If issue arise during the case, we can be a valuable resource for guidance. 

If you are a creditor or creditor attorney, we will help you will questions about the statute, filing a claim, getting paid and making sure the plan progresses in a timely fashion.  We monitor the progress of each and every case to ensure that payments are current and any payment defaults are promptly addressed.  If issues arise during the case, we can be a valuable resource for guidance.

Upon Appointment by the Courts

  • Set up payments either from the petitioner directly, or through the employer
  • Notify creditors of the plan and to stop collection efforts
  • Invite creditors to file claims
  • Conduct meetings between petitioners and their creditors, when requested
  • Review claims
  • Mediate claim disputes
  • Recommend a plan for court approval to pay the claims in full over not more than three years
  • Assist both the petitioner and creditors with any questions

After the Court confirms a plan

  • Distribute payments to creditors, usually every three months, or monthly, if requested
  • Make Status Reports available upon request anytime

When the plan is complete:

  • Submits a final report to the Court with a proposed final Order that deems the debts paid through the plan as paid in full
  • Provides all interested parties with the Final Order
  • Keeps a final accounting on record for future reference